Gallery System Announces LED Lighting for
Its Wall-Mounted Picture-Hanging System

LED Lighting

Energy-saving, long-life bulbs excel in commercial and institutional applications; provide 33 percent cost-of-ownership savings over 10-year period

WELLESLEY, Massachusetts, June 6, 2011 – Gallery System, a leading provider of picture-hanging systems for commercial and home use, today announced the availability of LED bulbs for its integrated lighting fixtures.

Gallery System LED bulbs use 75% less energy, providing lower energy costs and environmental benefits.
The new LED bulbs cut energy usage by about 75 percent compared to halogen bulbs and last many times longer. They provide an appealing and environmentally friendly alternative for all Gallery System users, and are especially effective and economical for installations where lights are used for long periods, such as galleries, office buildings, libraries, and hospitals.

Gallery System is one of the few art-hanging systems to offer integrated lighting capabilities. Sleek lighting wands snap into the system’s wall-mounted hanging rail, and use safe 12-volt electricity to provide precisely positioned, gallery-quality illumination. Both LED and halogen bulbs operate without creating excessive heat, eliminating the risk of damage to the artworks on display.

“The new LED bulbs pay several dividends,” noted Ron Orner, Director of Gallery System Art Displays. “They consume 65 per cent less electricity than our halogen bulbs - just 7 watts per bulb, compared to 20. This greatly reduces energy bills in new or existing installations. The LED bulbs also have a rated average lifetime ten times as long as the halogens, or 50,000 hours, so you save on replacement costs. And if you’re setting up a new installation, the LEDs’ lower power consumption allows you to save money by using fewer transformers and junction boxes.”

Orner said a typical user running their lighting system eight hours a day, six days a week, would realize a total cost savings of a full 33 percent after 10 years, or about 7 percent after five years. These savings increase when the lighting is operated for longer periods, or if electricity prices go up.

LED bulbs last ten times as long as halogen bulbs on average, with a 50,000 hour lifetime rating.
The Gallery System hanging system eliminates the need to drive nails into walls, and greatly simplifies the process of setting up appealing displays of paintings, photos, prints, and other artworks. Fine adjustments, both vertical and horizontal, can be made in seconds without tools, and works can be changed and positioned very quickly.

Both LED and halogen bulbs are available through the Gallery System website, The LED bulbs are sold with a three-year guarantee against premature failure.

About Gallery System: The Gallery System is an integrated picture-hanging and lighting system used in galleries, libraries, hospitals, offices, restaurants, and homes worldwide. Users praise its simplicity, elegant appearance, professional performance, and affordability. More information is available at


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