What to Order - Original Gallery System

Requirements for Your Space
Because multiple factors come into play when specifying art hanging equipment, we have found that a phone call to discuss your specific application usually results in a savings of money and/or time. Our experienced consultants can help specify the ideal art hanging system for your display space, and will continue to provide assistance after the sale to ensure your total satisfaction. You can use the guidelines below to get started, or just call us at 800-460-8703 for a free detailed consultation.

The following guidelines, typical for most gallery configurations, allow for approximately one large picture or two small pictures every 5 to 6 feet. If your display is spaced more closely or farther apart, you may want to adjust the number of hangers and hooks proportionately. Remember that one of the great advantages of a hanging system is the ease of re-arranging with different layouts, so be sure to give yourself some flexibility!

Tracks (6.5 ft. lengths)
To determine the number of tracks required, divide the total wall length in feet by 6.5. Take the nearest whole number or round up to be sure there will be no gaps. Remember tracks can be easily cut to fit short spaces.
EXAMPLE: For a 25-foot wall: 25/6.5 = 3.85 so use 4 tracks.

Optional Wood Moulding (6.5 ft. lengths)
Use the same calculation as for the number of tracks.

Hangers (packs of 10)
One pack is enough for about four track sections (26 feet of wall).

Hooks (packs of 10)
If you plan to display in a single row, the number of hook packs will be the same as the number of hanger packs. If you plan to hang some art in vertical rows, you will need more hook packs. One pack per three tracks is typical for mixed hanging.

Please call us for a quote on lighting for your space.

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