“The flexibility of this system is unparalleled - it's perfect for anyone who frequently changes exhibits. We have rotating monthly shows by local artists; with Gallery System, we literally have one artist leaving with art in hand while the new artist is setting up their show. It's wonderfully seamless!”
Lisa deRoulet, NorthLake Tahoe Visitor Center, Tahoe City, CA
Library Art Gallery, South Texas College
“We are very happy with our Gallery System. The South Texas College Library Art Gallery program now has five art galleries ...in five campuses around the Rio Grande Valley. The tracks and wire hanging system are wonderful, very easy to work with and have been... very effective for us.” Sofia K. Perez, South Texas College, Library Art Gallery, McAllen, TX
“It's fast, flexible, easy to use and in a word: fantastic! No more holes in my gallery walls! I recommend it without hesitation.” Marilyn Swift Studio, Gloucester, MA
“Everyone “loves” the system; we had a group from City Hall come and view it, and they have since installed it in one of their spaces so I have heard.”
Steve Bacigalupo, University Club of Chicago
“Just wanted to let you know how much success we have here displaying our photography in the restaurant. One of the great benefits of the Gallery System is that once you have installed the tracking, you need no tools to hang and arrange your work.”
Steve & Karen, The Center Cafe, Needham, MA
Rocky Neck Art Colony in Gloucester MA
“We love the system's flexibility and ease of use. It has quickly become an indispensable tool for our Cultural Center's Exhibitions team.” Karen Ristuben, President, Rocky Neck Art Colony, Gloucester, MA
“[E]xcellent customer service. It's a value that I'm working so hard to reinforce with my employees and you obviously understand how far a little personal attention can go.”
Garth Potts, Executive Director, Levite JCC, Birmingham, AL
Cultural Heritage Ltd. Arusha
“The system is perfect - we are expanding and would surely contact you if we need any more Gallery System products.” Hussein Amijee, Cultural Heritage Ltd. Arusha, Tanzania
“We installed very large canvases from the ceiling, and the system works perfectly and effortlessly! I appreciate your help”
Ingar Brunnett, Director of Programming, Springfield Film Festival, Jacksonville, FL
“LOVE the Gallery System! We are delighted...we change art every six weeks and your system makes art easy to hang and easy to adjust to various heights. It is fantastic!!!”
Hazel Barr, Office of the Cook County Treasurer, Chicago, IL
Tremont 647
“Our restaurant changes art shows every six weeks; the Gallery System makes it easy for our artists to come in and hang their shows themselves and adjust the placement as they wish. It's the perfect solution for our brick walls.” Bonnie Nag, Assistant General Manager, Tremont 647 | Sister Sorrel, Boston, MA
“The art is noticed; No one notices the hanging system.”
Steve Kobs, Moscow Food Co-op, Moscow, ID
“When I saw the UPS man coming in the door with the product less than 24 hours after placing the order, I could scarcely believe my eyes. I have never ordered and received anything this quickly and... am simply amazed at how expeditiously my order was processed.”
Lynne Washburn, Rockaway Beach, N.Y.
Michaelis Collection
“With slim steel cables and tracks painted to match the walls, The Gallery System is barely visible.” Michaelis Collection at the South African National Gallery Cape Town, S.A.
Sapient Corp
“We hung the entire exhibit in less than two hours ... needed no tools other than a ladder! ” Andrea Jeffrey, Sapient Corp., Boston, MA
“... It’s a great system. so easy to move and change”
Louise Ledoux, Crockett County Public Library Ozona, TX
“The system is working out wonderfully at our libraries... We're currently installing the system in our Civic Center.”
Dan Allen,Building Maintenance Supervisor, Administrative Services, Roseville, CA
“We really do love the system! ... Every other month, using your cool system, we hang a new show by the students from one of our 10 school buildings. We change the artwork very easily ... and we get to enjoy the work of all the artists among us.”
Kathy J. Reinhold, Office of the Superintendent/Board of Education Fountain, CO
“[E]xcellent customer service. Overall, I'm very satisfied with the product and, as I said, other gallery owners are absolutely envious.”
Wes Chester, Co-Director Expressive Arts Institute, San Diego, CA
“... Thanks for the help in ordering and your efficiency in shipping so quickly. The system is now up and is an easy and attractive way to display my work.”
Brandy Bain, The Art of Brandy Saturley, Victoria, BC