• Gallery System picture hanging systems are used in thousands of art galleries and exhibition spaces worldwide

    The Gallery System Concept

    Gallery System offers comprehensive, flexible, easy-to-use picture hanging systems with a few simple parts: a track that mounts on the wall, moveable hangers (either cable or clear tape) that allow horizontal positioning, and adjustable hooks that slide up and down for vertical positioning.

    Whether you choose the Original Gallery System, with its heavy-duty capacity and available integrated lighting, or the sleek, quick-mounting GalleryOne, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of art hanging options (see below). Each one simplifies adjustments and changes to your display by eliminating the need for nails and wall modifications; their understated gallery-quality design keeps the visual emphasis on your art.

    The Gallery Lighting System is one of the few fully integrated hanging system lighting options on the market. It offers gallery-quality, art-safe lighting, and fits discreetly on the Original Gallery System track.

    For rooms with pre-installed picture rail molding, we also offer fully compatible molding hook hangers that offer all the picture hanging convenience and adjustability of our full systems.

    Confused about what would work best for you? Give us a call at 1-800-460-8703 - we like talking to our customers! Our extensive experience and personal service ensure that you will receive the perfect configuration for your needs, and the best value for your dollar.

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  • Meet your art hanging system needs with stainless-steel cable hangers, or virtually invisible clear plastic tape

    Original Gallery System

    The heavy-duty Original Gallery System has been chosen by art hanging professionals for thousands of demanding installations worldwide, at museums, galleries, university libraries, major office buildings, and fine homes. Its discreet appearance, flexibility and durability set the standard for picture hanging systems.

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  • Art hanging equipment for professional, commercial and home art display

    GalleryOne System

    GalleryOne is our sleekest, most discreet art hanging system ever, with a low-profile track (available in white or paintable natural aluminum) that hugs the wall using a new, quick-mount attachment system for simplified installation in any art display space.

    See Our Best Value - a Full GalleryOne System, $198 Shipped

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  • Available in brass or stainless steel, with steel cable hanger              Just put the loop over your existing hook, and you’re in busines

    Systems for picture moldings

    Display spaces already equipped with picture-rail or molding can have all the convenient setup and adjustment of a hanging system using either of the following:

    Molding Hooks System
    Includes sleek Gallery System Molding Hooks specially designed to hold your pictures close to the wall.

    Looped Cable System
    If your picture-rail molding system is already equipped with S-hooks, or if you have wall-mounted hanging hooks, Gallery System Looped Cables will give you the rapid setup and adjustment capability of a hanging system.

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    Lighting System option

    Proper lighting makes a good display great — and there’s no simpler or more effective method than our low-voltage Lighting System.

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