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How to Hang Art: Video with Gallery Owner Christine O’Donnell

Want to create more engaging art displays? We’re happy to help, with a new video that features Christine O’Donnell, owner and director of Boston’s Beacon Gallery, with a quick overview of basic art hanging principles that anyone can use – either at home, in a gallery, or any exhibition space.

Here’s the video; we filmed it while O’Donnell was setting up a benefit exhibition and art sale for Boston’s Art Resource Collaborative for Kids (ARCK), an organization that’s working to give students in the Boston Public Schools more access to art-making. We were proud to provide hanging equipment to display works by artists including Percy Fortini-Wright, Diana Stelin, and Jamaal Eversley:

Video URL

You can also read about O’Donnell’s art display advice on ArtsyShark, Carolyn Edlund’s business-oriented resource which provides consistently useful ideas and information for artists.

If you’re in the Boston area, we heartily recommend a visit to the dynamic Beacon Gallery. O’Donnell also offers a series of on-site Artists Workshops, covering topics like creating effective artist’s statements and pricing and packaging your art.