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Art Gallery Hanging Systems by Gallery System

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Information About Our Returns Policy and Warranty

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Picture Hanging Systems and Lighting

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About Gallery System Art Displays
The Gallery System picture hanging hook

Gallery System Art Displays helps people create better art displays with less effort, with elegantly simple picture hanging systems. We’ve been in business since 1995, and our systems are trusted at tens of thousands of installations across the US and Canada – art galleries, Ivy League universities, large and small businesses, libraries, art studios, and homes.

Since the beginning, we have prioritized personal service, customer satisfaction, and providing a great environment for people to work in. That makes business more enjoyable, and also helps build mutually beneficial long-term relationships.

We’re also committed to supporting art-oriented organizations, like the Opening Minds through Art program for people living with dementia, the Massachusetts Art Education Association (MAEA), the Boston-based Art Resource Collaborative for Kids (ARCK), and from 2013 through 2016, sponsoring the Gallery System ArtsUp Award for community arts groups.

Our art hanging technology was originally developed by Australian inventor Bruce Green, who owned a retail furniture and decorating company that did a brisk business in prints. The challenges of constantly hanging and rearranging them sparked his creativity, and after years of testing and refinement, he developed a set of core products and launched Gallery Systems as an independent company.

Bruce's success led quickly to the formation of Gallery System Art Displays in the United States, and Ron and Jane, our husband-and-wife founders, led us through many years of growth. Since 2018, they’ve handed the reins to Christine Regan Davi, an experienced executive, artist, photographer, and writer. She’s overseen additional product line expansion and continued our close cooperation with Bruce’s longtime colleague Jillian and her husband Malcolm, who now run the Australian organization. 

Today, the two partner organizations help clients around the globe create better art displays, elegantly and efficiently, and our products are trusted in well over 100,000 installations worldwide.

We feel fortunate to work with such high-quality people and products and look forward to doing business with you!

Return Policy and Warranty
art gallery picture hanging systems for art

Q. What is the return policy on equipment ordered from Gallery System?
A. All orders are covered by our 60-day return policy: we accept returns of unused items in new condition and will gladly refund your purchase price (less any shipping charges and a 10 percent re-stocking fee) within 60 days of purchase. Please contact us for assistance before returning any items.

Q. What warranty coverage does Gallery System provide?
A. All Gallery System Art Displays products are warranted to the original purchaser to be free from defects in material and workmanship for the following warranty periods (from date of invoice):

  • Lifetime for all picture hanging components:
  • Five years for lighting components except for bulbs and Power Pack power supplies;
  • Two years for wood moldings, Power Pack lighting power supplies, and LED light bulbs

This warranty is limited to replacement of defective parts, and does not cover failure due to misuse, accident, modification or overloading. Gallery System Art Displays will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from these products, whether direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential.

FAQs about Gallery System Art Hanging Systems
Gallery System picture hanging systems for business and art galleries

Q. How do I place an order for Gallery System art hanging equipment?
A. Call 1-800-460-8703 for friendly, experienced assistance in choosing a hanging system for your unique exhibition space, or use our simple Contact Form.

You can also order through our website's Products section, or, for convenience in selecting a complete system at once, use our online order forms (where you can also download system-specific PDF order forms with advice on specifying your installation).

Q. Are there different track finishes available?
A. Yes! The track comes in satin anodized (silver) or white.

Q. What if I want to paint the track?
A. Use the satin anodized finish - it’s receptive to all types of paint.

Q. Is the track pre-drilled?
A. No, because the hole spacing depends on the type of wall construction.

Q. Is the track easy to install?
A. Yes, installing is a basic handyman job (we provide instructions and hints).

Q. What is the best height for the track?
A. Every installation is different, but very often placing the track at or near ceiling level (at almost any height) creates the cleanest appearance and leaves the most wall area clear for display. However, if the lighting option will be used, tracks should not be mounted more than 9 feet above floor level. Also, a few inches of overhead clearance above the track will be needed for installation of the light wands.

Q. Can you hang more than one picture on each hanger?
A. Yes, for the Original Gallery System, as many as you like, but observe the weight limits:

Clear Tape System: Maximum weight on one picture hook is 33 pounds so pictures up to 66 pounds can be supported with two hooks. You may hang more than one picture hook on each tape hanger, but the total weight on a tape hanger should not exceed 33 pounds.

Stainless Steel Cable System: Recommended weight on one picture hook is 44 pounds so pictures up to 88 pounds can be supported with two hooks.  You may hang more than one picture hook on each cable hanger, but the total weight on a cable should not exceed 66 pounds.

Q. And for the GalleryOne system?
A. Also as many as you like for the GalleryOne System, but observe the weight limits:

Clear Tape System: Recommended weight on one picture hook is 15 pounds so pictures up to 30 pounds can be supported with two hooks. You may hang more than one picture hook on each tape hanger, but the total weight on a tape hanger should not exceed 15 pounds.

Stainless Steel Cable System: Recommended weight on one picture hook is 30 pounds so pictures up to 60 pounds can be supported with two hooks.  You may hang more than one picture hook on each cable hanger, but the total weight on a cable hanger should not exceed 33 pounds.

Many questions can be answered with a free sample of our hanging system — we would be glad to send you one.  Call us at 800-460-8703, e-mail, or use our simple Contact Form.

FAQs about Gallery System Optional Art Lighting
Art Lighting by Gallery System

Q. Can the Gallery Lighting System be used with any Gallery System?

A. No, the lighting system works only with the Original Gallery System. The GalleryOne System does not support the lighting option.

Q. Can the Gallery Lighting System be fitted to existing Gallery System installations?

A. Yes, but only with the Original Gallery System (not GalleryOne). Note that a few inches of clearance between the track and the ceiling is needed for attachment of the light wands.

Q. Can Gallery System Lighting be installed without the hangers and hooks used to hang art?

A. Yes! If all you require is exhibition-quality lighting, combine your choice of Gallery System Lighting components with Original Gallery System wall track in your preferred color (white or paintable anodized aluminum). Attach the track to your wall and follow the easy Gallery System Lighting installation instructions to create a sleek and efficient art lighting system. And you always have the option of adding hanging capabilities later should the need arise - unlike some hanging systems, our light wands and hangers operate completely independently.

Q. How many lights will run off one transformer?

A. One 300-watt transformer will run up to 24 7-watt LED lamps; the 60-watt Power Pack transformer will run up to 5 7-watt LED bulbs.

Q. What length of track can be fed by one transformer?

A. The Power Pack 60-watt power supply can feed up to 25 feet when the power-providing junction box is mounted at the end of the track, or up to 50 feet when the junction box is mounted centrally (up to 25 feet in either direction).

The 300-watt transformer, used with custom lighting packages, can feed up to 50 feet when the junction box is mounted at the end of the track, or up to 100 feet when the junction box is mounted centrally (up to 50 feet in either direction).

Q. Do I need an electrical contractor to install the system?

A. Our lighting products are designed for do-it-yourself or handyperson installation, but an electrician can be used if you desire. Our lighting systems use safe 12-volt power; you are not legally obliged to use a licensed contractor with low voltage systems, but if in doubt use a contractor. For any work on 120-volt wiring you must use a licensed contractor.

Q. How does the current reach the lamp?

A. Power is carried by a flat cable, hidden in the channel on top of the wall-mounted track. When a light wand is locked onto the track, sharp probes on the wand’s base penetrate the cable to draw 12-volt power.

Q. How do I carry the power around corners?

A. The power cable bends around the corners. We offer track corner covers to hide the cable or you can miter the tracks when they meet at a corner.

Q. Are the lamps adjustable vertically?

A. Yes. The lamp slides along the curved stainless steel rods so you can aim the light anywhere from 24 inches below the track down to floor level. For best results, tracks should not be mounted higher than 9 feet above floor level when using the lighting system.

Q. Is the Gallery Lighting System the only lighting needed in a hanging area?

A. No. The system is designed to illuminate the art and not the surrounding area. You will still need to provide ambient lighting in the room.

Q. Can the lights damage artwork?

A. No, as long as the correct lamps (such as those supplied by Gallery System) are used. In general, LED lamps are perfectly safe, and are what we sell and recommend. Many incandescent halogen bulbs can generate excess heat and/or ultraviolet light, either of which can damage artwork. If halogen bulbs are to be used, be certain they include ultraviolet shielding and are specified for art display use, and check power requirements carefully.

Q. What size/type of bulb is used in Gallery System Lighting?

A. Gallery System light wands accommodate standard MR-16 bulbs; we recommend using LED bulbs that consume no more than 7 watts of power. The bulbs we sell are specially selected for art lighting; they have a neutral color temperature of 3000K, and a color rendering index (CRI) of 95, to ensure that the colors of your artworks are perceived accurately. When replacing bulbs, pay close attention to their power consumption and do not exceed the capacity of your Gallery System Lighting power supply. Halogen MR-16 bulbs should NOT be used with our Power Pack power supply kits.