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Place Your Order: Original Gallery System Clear Tape

Clear Tape Picture Hanging System for Art Display


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Wall track, in paintable anodized aluminum or white

Hangers, sold in packs of 10

Classic Hooks, adjust with included wrench

Add optional wood molding, end caps, or the integrated Gallery Lighting System.

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Wall Tracks

Divide length of hanging area by track length for number of tracks to order. Tracks can easily be cut to any size during installation.

Wall Track for Art Gallery Picture Hanging System - Anodized
Track, Original Gallery System, Anodized, 6.5 foot

Original Gallery System wall track, 6.5-foot (2-meter) length, paintable anodized aluminum finish (also available in pre-painted white finish). Track cuts easily to any desired length. Compatible with Gallery System Lighting. Optional wood molding cover can be painted or stained for more traditional look (wood molding and lighting cannot be used simultaneously). Note: because installations vary, mounting hardware is not included.

Wall Track for Original Gallery System Art Picture Hanging System - White Painted
Track, Original Gallery System, White, 6.5 foot

As above, in white painted finish.



Typical installations require 10 hangers per 20-30 feet of hanging area.

Clear Tape Hangers for Original Gallery System Picture Hanging Systems
Hangers, Tape, Original Gallery System, 10-pack

Clear tape hangers for Original Gallery System, pack of 10 with ample supply of clear polypropylene tape that can be cut to desired length. Assembled capsule-style hangers insert into either end of wall-mounted Original Gallery System track, and are easily adjusted from side to side. Tape is barely visible, especially against light-colored walls. Use with Original Gallery System Classic Hooks — not compatible with Pushbutton or Security hooks.



Hooks are sold in packs of 10. Typical installations require one pack per 20-30 feet of hanging area, or more if hanging multiple works on single hangers (i.e., in vertical columns).

Classic Hook for Gallery System Picture Hanging System
Hooks, Classic, Original Gallery System (Steel Cable or Clear Tape), 10-pack

Classic Hooks, pack of 10, for use with Original Gallery System Steel Cable and Clear Tape art hanging systems, and with our systems for picture moldings (not compatible with Clearline or GalleryOne systems). An economical choice that offers robust performance and easy adjustment using the simple wrench provided. Capacity of 44 pounds per hook on Steel Cable systems, 33 pounds on Clear Tape.



Wood Molding for Original Gallery System picture hanging system
Wood Molding, Original Gallery System, 6.5 foot

Wood molding cover for Original Gallery System wall track, 6.5 foot (2 meter) lengths. Fits directly over installed wall track, covering it completely for a more traditional look. Can be stained or painted and cut to any length. Note: wood molding cannot be used with the lighting option.

End Caps for Original Gallery System art hanging system wall tracks - color grey
End Cap, Original Gallery System, Anodized

Single Original Gallery System end cap in silver color to match paintable anodized aluminum wall track (also available in white). Caps mount easily without tools and provide a clean, finished look at track ends.

End Caps for Original Gallery System art hanging system wall tracks - color white
End Cap, Original Gallery System, White

As above, in white.

HangRight Clip on back of painting, holding cable of picture hanging system
HangRight Clips - pack of 10

A simple, effective way to ensure that pictures don't lean forward — the simple HangRight clip holds the hanging system cable close to the rear of the artwork, keeping it flat to the wall. Easy one-screw installation.