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Using Steel Cable Hangers: GalleryOne System

Steel Cable Wall Track for GalleryOne Art Hanging System

Slip the end of the hanger into the track by raising it to a horizontal position. Rotate it down to a vertcal postion and the hanger is ready to use.

Push Button Hook for Art Hanging Installation


Fit the stainless cable into the top of the hook and feed through. While the push button is held down, the hook will move freely on the cable.

You can put more than one hook on a cable.

Push Button Hook - Hanging System for Art


Move the hook up or down to the postion you want, with the push button held down. When the button is released, the hook will grip the cable firmly, and is ready to hold your art.

You can put more than one hook on a cable.

Classic Hook for Art Gallery Hanging System


The Classic Mini-Hook can also be used with the Stainless Steel Cable.

Just lock hook in position by tightening the hex screw with the provided wrench.