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ArtsyShark Video: Design Your Art Display to Attract an Audience

Open studios, art fairs, and other art-oriented events represent one of the best opportunities for artists to cultivate new audiences, sell their works, and make professional connections — but only if they can catch the eye of attendees and engage their attention.

Fortunately, there are simple techniques that artists can use to take full advantage of these opportunities, and we share some of them in a new video from, “Design Your Art Display to Attract an Audience.”

We’re longtime fans of ArtsyShark, a website that helps artists cultivate business skills that support their creative work, and were honored when founder Carolyn Edlund invited us to participate in her new series of YouTube videos. The series covers a range of useful, practical topics like driving traffic to art websites, building a strong portfolio, and using images, videos, and livestreaming to help sell art, and we’re proud to be part of it.

Credit for several of the ideas we discuss (and one of the most illustrative photos) goes to Christine O'Donnell, owner and director of Boston's Beacon Gallery, who has provided us with much inspiration and knowledge over the years.

You can watch the conversation between Edlund and Gallery System’s managing director Christine Regan-Davi and director of marketing Pete Dunn below; we hope you’ll use the YouTube comment section to ask any followup questions you might have. And subscribing to the ArtsyShark video series will ensure that you don't miss any new content!

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